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Raising Your Vibration

Did you know that your vibration influences how you feel physically and emotionally? Issues such as anxiety, depression, even low back pain or cancer, can originate from an energetic imbalance.

It greatly affects your life experiences: higher frequencies are associated with more pleasant experiences (like love), whereas lower frequencies attract unpleasant experiences (like fear).


Let's start with some context... We, and everything else in the world, are made of energy. From atoms to cells and beyond, this energy is expressed in patterns which take the form of our physical bodies.

The subtle energies are those which we can’t see visually or under a microscope, including the biomagnetic (or auric) field, chakras, and meridians.

Knowledge and use of these systems are helpful in meeting our intentions because our physical bodies/reality are a reflection of this energy (i.e. our vibration). Refer to an earlier post, When Emotions Get Physical.

According to Chinese philosophy, a vital energy called qi surrounds and courses through our bodies to support life. It holds the body’s innate intelligence, to regulate its internal environment to create good physical, emotional and mental health.

Qi is also understood to be a part of a larger pattern, a grand energy field, through which we are all interrelated, affecting our spiritual layer. This is why we are affected my the vibrations of others.

There are countless energy bodies within a living organism. In some respects, every cell and organ within the body is an energy body.

Each receives energy, breaks down, metabolizes, and disseminates energy. Each is operated and managed by a complex set of frequencies, and performs an equivalent service to other energy bodies.

Every part of you has an optimal frequency which contributes to your overall vibration.

Your thoughts, feelings, the foods you eat, how much you move your body, who you surround yourself with, and SO much more affect your vibration on a moment-to-moment basis.

Raising Your Vibration

Let's consider a plant as analogy to better understand your own vibration. A plant that is vibrating at its optimal frequency will have vibrant leaves, it will grow, flower, and proliferate into more plants.

On the other hand, if the plant is living under poor conditions, it's vibration will be lower than its optimal frequency. The leaves will turn colors or fall off, the plant will dry out, or become diseased.

You, my friend, are much like that plant. You need nourishment of both physical and spiritual varieties.

The good news is that the tools we have to raise our vibration is practically endless. Here are a just a few:

These tools can help to release energetic blockages that prevent your energy from flowing properly, thus lowering your vibration.

We all have the capacity to embody the changes we want to see in how we think, feel, and live, but you first need to set the intention.


I encourage you to bring more awareness to your vibration. Take note of the things that drain you, and the things that make you feel more well and full of life. How do you feel around other certain people? In certain environments? Your body and intuition hold all of the wisdom!

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