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Alyssa Knapp mentorship program

ReikiTraining &  Mentorship Program

Get all the skills you need to fully embody the Healer you already are, and learn how to make it into a profitable business that helps others.

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Become a Certified Energy Healer & Successful Entrepreneur

So you know you're here to help others heal, now what?!

  • First, don't get overwhelmed with all the options of what modality to learn! Trust me when I tell you, you will never stop learning and adding to your toolbox. 

  • Reiki Like a Boss trains you to be a well-rounded energy healing practitioner with an array of tools and practices beyond the standard Reiki training. 

  • Learn to align to your ideal client, and build the skills you need for your specific population.

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My 3 Pillars


Learn and get certified in all levels of Holy Fire III Reiki up to Master Teacher and get a comprehensive set of other tools to integrate into your practice, such as breathwork, EFT/Tapping, crystal healing, chakra work, and so much more.


Master holistic techniques and build your confidence with two group practice sessions per month to strengthen your skills and learn to trust your intuition.


Be seen and supported amongst a group of like-minded individuals with similar goals. We stay connected on the Slack app so you can always ask questions, share experiences, or get advice as you grow your skill set and your business.

Is Reiki Like a Boss right for you?

This program is designed for those who want to master how to:

  • Perform high quality energy healing sessions

  • Have a successful healing business

  • Find your Soul Aligned Clients

  • Perform group sessions and classes

  • Teach Reiki to others


I offer many learning opportunities so that you learn and practice what is necessary for your goals.

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  • I’m completely new to energy healing and getting in touch with my spirituality, where should I start?
    The perfect place to begin your journey is the Activate Your Inner Healer Course. It’s a 4-week self-guided journey that covers everything you need to get started, including recorded lessons, guided meditations, journal prompts, and so much more.
  • What is energy healing?
    Energy healing refers to alternative healing practices that aim to restore balance to the energy fields within and around a person, with the belief that this can promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • What forms of energy healing are incorporated in these sessions?
    I am a Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher, and the energy of Reiki is infused in everything I do. My clients can even feel the energy flowing when we are still in discussion before the actual healing part of the session takes place. I am also an Advanced Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner, and call on those techniques when I feel guided. I’ve also found Emotion Code, EFT/Tapping, Human Design, Astrology, and so many more elements helpful for my clients.
  • What are sessions like?
    We take time to establish an intention for each session, work through the blocks that are arising for you, use techniques to release those blocks and fill back up with your own life force energy, and then discuss a follow-up plan so you can take your healing journey into your own hands.
  • Is there a deadline to sign up for the Activate Your Inner Healer Course?
    This course is completely online and self-paced, so you can sign up as soon as you’re ready to get started! Once you purchase, you’ll immediately receive an email with instructions to access the online learning portal which includes recorded lessons, guided meditations, downloadable materials, and so much more.
  • I’ve already been on my spiritual journey for a while, and I’m feeling called to help others on their healing journey. How do I learn to do this professionally?
    Thank goodness! If it’s one thing the world needs, it's more people stepping into their power and helping others do the same. Check out my Reiki Like a Boss Certification and Mentorship program to learn everything you need to know from becoming an effective healer to being a prosperous entrepreneur.
  • Are you still taking private energy healing and coaching clients?
    Because I am also a Spiritual Business Coach, and I teach and mentor aspiring energy healers, I have a limited number of spots for 1:1 energy healing and coaching clients. If you would like to work with me, please fill out my contact form.

Meet Some of My Students!

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Sandy Deller, owner of Metaphysics & Beyond, has been with me as a private healing client since 2020. She upgraded to a Reiki student and then completed all 3 levels of her Certification. Sandy is now receiving Coaching & Mentorship as she creates the business of her dreams, helping highly sensitive children and their families. As a former Special Education teacher for 18 years, Sandy’s speciality is ADHD and neurodivergence.

Want to hop on a call and discuss if Reiki Like a Boss is the right fit for you? Click below for a free 15-min phone Consultation:

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Special Invitation​

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