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Transmuting the Healing Crisis into a Breakthrough

"Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate".

- C.G. Jung

If you’re like me, you just read the word crisis and thought, “Oh crap! How do I avoid this?”.

For many people, the word crisis triggers negative thoughts and feelings associated with fear, confusion, and uncertainty. However, not all crises are meant to have a negative connotation.

In Holistic and Integrative Healing, the term crisis is used to represent a critical turning point in the process of healing. It is most commonly used by practitioners of Reiki to represent the symptoms that arise during and after a Reiki session.

Reiki and the Healing Crisis

Reiki is an ancient Japanese energy healing technique. It works with life force energy to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and other physical ailments.

Life force energy, a.k.a “Ki”, “chi”, or “prana”, is the energy that flows through and gives life to the physical and subtle bodies of all living beings. When life force energy is in balance, it contributes to good health and proper functioning of our vital organs. Unbalanced life force energy causes weakened functioning of the physical body and its internal organs, which leads to poor organ functioning and illness.

The concept of Reiki healing suggests that any imbalances in our energy field can manifest as physical dis-ease. Therefore, the healing energy works to rebalance and heal the life force energy that flows within our physical, and subtle energetic bodies - chakras, meridians, and nadis.

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How the State of Life Force Energy Impacts the Body

As mentioned, the flow of life force energy, or “Ki”, influences our physical and energetic states of well-being. The balanced flow of healthy Ki contributes to feelings of groundedness, acceptance and peace, power and strength, love, truth, clarity, and connectedness. When the flow of Ki becomes unbalanced, it contributes to poor functioning of the energetic field, or aura. Consequently, this unbalanced, or unhealthy energy, called “byoki”, manifests in the physical body as poor organ functioning. As a result, the physical body experiences physical dysfunction, as well as mental and emotional issues that reduce the quality of life.

It ALL starts in the energy field!


The Healing Crisis

Throughout life, we humans go through experiences that influence our energy …

What comes along with experiences?

Beliefs, attitudes, patterns, conditioning's, etc.

These psychological components can be positive or negative based on the experience and the perception of what is experienced. Remember that the mind will believe ANYTHING that you affirm to it.

Regardless, these components influence the flow of Ki, which then manifest in the physical. It is all connected…

As the physical and energetic healing processes take place, there is a deeper level of healing that is happening in the mind, and in the spiritual aspect of one’s being. This deeper level of healing involves the conscious and subconscious rewiring of one’s whole being - mind, body, and spirit.

During the healing process, it is possible for old thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and behavioral patterns to be brought into awareness. This is because the body is preparing to RELEASE any and all things that are no longer aligned with the body’s plan to become enlightened and healed. Hallelujah!

This is the Healing Crisis

It is a beautiful opportunity for healing, growth and ascension. However, with it may come feelings of uncertainty, uncomfortableness or confusion.


Because the body is going through a process of rapid transformational healing. Any noticeable emotional, mental, or physical changes during healing can be uncomfortable, even worrisome. This is because the body understands that something is shifting, which can cause feelings of trepidation. One may notice changes that contribute to physical symptoms, mental and emotional symptoms, as well as spiritual symptoms.

For instance, while deep healing is taking place, it is common for old mental and emotional triggers to rise to the surface. Although one may have believed that he/she resolved the issue(s) associated with these painful emotions, they may still exist in the physical and energetic field, as well as in the subconscious mind. These emotional wounds resurface so that they can be transmuted and healed in a way that allows one to make peace with them. This process helps one to move forward along his/her path feeling more light and free.

Keep in mind that one never gets put through something that he/she cannot handle. In fact, this process happens when it is known that the person has the strength and resilience to break out of their comfort zone and embrace positive change.

Change can be difficult, but the process of growth is only uncomfortable before reaching full bloom.

Here is a list of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual symptoms that may be experienced during the healing crisis:

Physical Symptoms

  • Runny nose

  • Colds

  • Diarrhea

  • Stomach Aches

  • Body Aches and Pains

  • Headaches

  • Fatigue

Mental and Emotional Symptoms

  • Mood swings

  • Confusion

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Old thoughts resurface

  • Past emotional pains resurface

Spiritual Symptoms

  • Questioning the meaning of life

  • Questioning personal life choices

  • Career changes

  • Relationship changes

  • Interest and hobby changes

  • Desire to seek out life’s purpose

  • Old beliefs are challenged

  • Awakening to the authentic self

  • Life moves at a faster pace and calls you to re-evaluate priorities based on truth

  • Dark Night of the Soul


Tips for Dealing with the Healing Crisis

If you feel that you may be experiencing a healing crisis, you may be wondering what the next best steps are. First, know that this is a positive turning point along your personal journey to healing. It is important to practice self-compassion and patience as you go through this healing process. Here are a few tips that may help you during this process:

  • Self-compassion: Practicing compassion for the self gives you the space you need to properly nurture your body as you go through this deep transformational healing.

  • Patience: The healing process takes time. Each step of the healing process brings you closer to the healing that you need to feel free from the blockages that have been holding you back. Having patience gives your body permission to move at a pace that is appropriate for your own body.

  • Stay Hydrated: Our physical body is approximately 60%-70% water. Water is an essential nutrient that helps the body to nourish all vital organs, tissues, and cells. It also helps the body to release excess waste from the body. Therefore, it is recommended to increase water intake during the healing process to assist with the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic release of blockages.

  • Take Cleansing Herbs: Cleansing herbs such as ginger, can help the body to cleanse, detox, and purify toxins within the body. This can help with the physical release of symptoms, which restores proper functioning and whole balance.

  • Get Rest and Better Sleep: Rest gives our body what it needs to rejuvenate and heal on all levels. Without adequate rest or sleep, physiological, psychological, and energetic functioning declines. Therefore, rest is recommended to help relax the body and assist with the healing process.

Benefits of the Healing Crisis

Although the process of healing may be uncomfortable, remember that the symptoms experienced indicate that a deeper transformational healing is taking place. The healing crisis is an opportunity for massive positive and life-changing breakthroughs to take place that affect the whole being. As these things resurface, an open space is created for them to be released, thus bringing healing and fresh new growth.

If you feel that you are experiencing a healing crisis and need some guidance as you release and grow, feel free to book a one on one session. Click here to book a session:


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