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The Impact of the Healing Industry on Collective Consciousness

I had an aha moment this past Wednesday when I held my first Reiki Healing Circle for World Peace in almost 3 years. I held these circles monthly for 2 years and they had each been nothing short of powerful; it was common for attendees to have major breakthroughs on their healing journey.

The energy of people from around the world (like literal opposite ends) sending peace to the planet at once was so freaking cool.

Well, not only was the first one back magical because I co-hosted with a Reiki Master Teacher student and mentee, Sandy Deller, but also because over the years I have developed a greater understanding of the raising of consciousness on the planet.

It occurred to me during this session massive shifts were happening, not only because of this circle, but because I've followed my soul's calling and am now helping hundreds of others who are are also here to help heal the world.

Together, we're doing the deep and necessary work usher in this new paradigm. Talk about harnessing the ripple effect!

Of course, being that my guides love to wow me with their synchronicities (IYKYK), I came upstairs after closing the circle, turned on Gaia, put on some random show, and of course it's a whole segment on the effect of unified intention group meditation.

In this blog, I sum up the transformative power of group intention and illuminate how the work of healers, practitioners, and coaches is helping the planet in a major way.

hands holding he earth

The Transformative Effects of Collective Consciousness

Research has extensively explored the effects of mass intention, prayer, meditation, and gratitude, revealing astonishing outcomes.

People's lives become more peaceful, with significant percentages experiencing complete healing from physical issues and notable reductions in strokes and cardiovascular diseases.

Moreover, individuals in this state of collective consciousness experience a decrease in thoughts that foster separation, leading to a heightened sense of connection and hopefulness.

This shift is reflected in the brain, where activity in the parietal and frontal lobes decreases, allowing for experiences of ecstatic oneness, as described by Robert Maslow as "peak experiences".

What this translates to: when people come together and focus on a positive intention, they shift into a heightened state where they can make quantum leaps.

AKA group work is powerful AF!

This is one of the many reasons I love creating community and why it's so important that we focus the conversation on the frequencies that we want to ground and embody.

In my group coaching program for healers, practitioners, coaches, and other service providers who are here to lead change in the world (Rise Academy), we have a "gratitude channel" where we share wins, celebrate each other. This is a simple yet effective way to raise the vibe of the container!

Harnessing Collective Consciousness for Global Transformation

The Maharishi Effect can be defined as the positive influence of coherence and harmony within the social and natural surroundings resulting from the practice of a Transcendental Meditation (TM®) program.

It was initially observed in 1974 and documented in a paper released in 1976. The research revealed that when 1% of a community engaged in the TM program, there was an average reduction of 16% in the crime rate.

The program was practiced in large groups on numerous occasions over a decade, and the first statistical analysis of the effects was published in 1987. These showed a decrease of about 11% in violent crimes in Washington, D.C., in total crimes in Metro Manila, and in total crimes in the Union Territory of Delhi.

The Maharishi effect further exemplifies the power of collective meditation, demonstrating that it's not merely a personal sanctuary but a potent tool for reducing societal problems. When we come together with shared intentions, we create a ripple effect of healing and transformation that extends far beyond ourselves.

people holding hands in a circle

Spread the Love... Literally

Connecting with others who share these intentions amplifies our ability to influence the world positively.

If you want to join our next Reiki Healing Circle for World Peace on Wednesday 4/17 7:30pm EST, click here to register. Donations suggested, all proceeds go to charity.

As heart-centered and purpose-driven entrepreneurs, we hold the key to ushering in a new paradigm of peace and well-being. Your work is literally changing the world!

And, if you know you're here to be a leader and help raise consciousness on the planet through wellness, healing, and other creative ways and you're growing a business that supports you, then you're invited to join our community! Click here to learn more about Rise Academy.


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