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Get Down with your Divine Self

In my last post I introduced the topic of #SpiritualWellness as a part of this month’s theme, Living with Purpose. During unusual times like these you might be searching for answers to how you can pivot your old life to fit this new world. You don’t have to go through a whole spiritual awakening to connect to this energy, so here I want to give you some simple tools to deepen your connection. The truth is, we’re all guided by some force. We all have different names for it, but there is a source of all light and life, and a piece of that is in YOU. This is where you get your true motivation for living and the source of your inner truth. Even this goes by different names: Divine Self, Higher Self, or Authentic Self. Not to go too deep here, but essentially your body is a vehicle for your Higher Self. When we pay attention to that inner voice, we are guided in the direction of our highest good. Here are some steps to follow to deepen your connection to your Higher Self:

  • Sit quietly in a calm place and set your intention to connect to your Higher Self. Be open to receive its energy, love and inspiration. Your intention and receptivity to connect with your Higher Self is all that is needed to make this connection and to receive guidance, energy and inspiration.

  • Let go of thoughts that are floating in your head to bring your mind to a state of inner stillness. Distance yourself from the rest of the physical world and go within. You may choose to also set an intention to release any thoughts or beliefs that may be an obstacle to feeling the connection and receiving its gifts.

  • Ask for guidance, insight, or answers as you enter into the silence. You can do this out loud or silently to yourself as you enter into silence. Notice what new thoughts you have after these moments of silence. Doing this brings more power, love, wisdom, guidance and abundance.

  • Be receptive. Contact with your Higher Self may come through as a sense of energy, peace, inner knowing, an answer, a deeper breath or other ways not listed here. Even if you sense absolutely nothing, have faith that with this practice, some insight, extra energy, or inspiration has been imparted to you that will unfold at the perfect time.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time doing this meditation. It is actually very effective to have frequent ten or twenty-second meditation periods during the day. Even pausing briefly during a busy day to get quiet and ask for energy or guidance is a wonderful way to deepen contact with your #HigherSelf. Deepen this connection with one of our online programs.


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