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Eating Right for Your Hormones

Your diet can be your best friend! But as we both know, some friends are toxic...

The food you eat can greatly contribute to how you feel during the day. Are you feeling sluggish? Do you have inflammation? Do you lack energy during the day?

Diet is especially important when we talk about hormone health. Why? because our gut health is directly related to hormone regulation and function.

Some of your key hormones that are directly affected by your diet include estrogen, insulin, glucagon, and cortisol.

A healthy diet can also offset the toxins that we are exposed to every day in our environment.

Food IS medicine, and there is a lot you can do that is readily accessible to you.

Here are some key recommendations from the experts:

  1. Shots! Hold the tequila, we're talking about ACV (apple cider vinegar), here. Begin your morning with a shot of organic, unfiltered ACV, water with lemon (or lemon essential oil) to help your gut digest food as well as other health benefits.

  2. Be mindful of protein. Make sure you are getting adequate amounts of protein daily. You can obtain protein from lean meats such as poultry, fish, and legumes.

  3. Essential fatty acids. These high quality fats are building blocks for your hormones as well as neurotransmitters including serotonin and dopamine. Add (high quality) olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, wild salmon, mackerel, ground flax seeds, nuts and seeds, or avocados to your diet.

  4. Take a digestive enzyme! The body uses enzymes to break down food. Some individuals might need a bit more help to digest certain foods more effectively. So find an enzyme that helps you digest certain group of foods that might be heavy on your digestion.

  5. Take care of your liver. Your liver is an important filter of toxins and critical when it comes to regulating hormones. Drink plenty water, eat plenty of cruciferous veggies and leafy greens, grapefruit, blueberries and cranberries, limit or avoid alcohol, and mind the previously mentioned tips.

I can't wait to dive deeper into some of these tips in the upcoming weeks during our Facebook Live series this month - All About Hormones.

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