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Alyssa Knapp business coaching for women

The Conscious Entrepreneur

Intuitive growth strategies and spiritual business coaching for women who want freedom and to shine their light.

Entrepreneurship is the greatest journey of self-discovery.

My  Approach to Business 

Alyssa Knapp Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Being an Entrepreneur means taking significant risk after risk to fulfill your dreams which are constantly evolving.

I am passionate about personal development for women, because I’ve seen too many fall prey to…

  • Burnout from wearing all the hats all the time. 

  • Feeling like they should be going in a million directions, and not trusting which to follow.

  • Not knowing who or how to ask for help.

  • Prioritizing the to-do list over self-care out of fear and/or guilt.

  • Following someone else’s strategy that isn’t in alignment with them, and struggling more than they need to grow.

My purpose is to empower you on your journey of healing & personal development, so that you can stick to your zone of genius and do what you do best.

I'll teach you how to leverage your unique energy and gifts for more alignment and abundance in your life and business.

I’ve personally had blocks related to my inner child, time and money scarcity, and working myself to the point of burnout over and over again.


Each of these blocks taught me a lesson, and once I learned to release it I’d enter a whole new level of growth.

If you’re ready to get into alignment and thrive in your personal life and in your business, then book an Integrative Energy Healing & Coaching Package to: 


  • Get clear on your blocks and release them for good

  • Learn how to move forward in your business with ease

  • Identify your energetic gifts that will make your entrepreneurial journey joyful and abundant

This includes is a high-level Human Design Reading specific to your intentions. 


$555 for 3 sessions

Image by Greg Rakozy

What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality.



Reiki Like a Boss Business Mastermind

Alyssa Knapp Reiki tools

The Reiki Like a Boss is a Business Mastermind is a powerful 6-month container where you'll:

  • Learn more about yourself and your purpose

  • Discover your personal energetic blueprint

  • Implement simple & holistic strategies

  • Leverage your strengths both personally and in your business


My mission is to make spiritually aligned tools, techniques, and strategies easily accessible, so you can use them every time you reach a block, are on the verge of an expansion, or go through yet another major pivot. 


I'm here to hold a safe and supportive space for YOU, and to help you create a strong foundation for growth


We weave between personal development and business growth by getting into alignment with your own personal energetic blueprint (i.e. Human Design and Astrology)


If you're ready to up-level, this Mastermind will offer a space for aligned strategy-building, practice spiritual tools, accountability, and support with other like-minded Leaders.

Join the Waitlist for our June 2023 Cohort!

Alyss Knapp self care practices

Get my top 5 tools

for utilizing spiritual practices for self-care and business growth

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