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Alyssa Knapp business coaching for women

Align Your Purpose with Profitability

Intuitive growth strategies and business coaching for Energy Healers, Holistic Practitioners, and Spiritual Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship should not be another source of anxiety; it should feel exciting and freeing.

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My  Approach to Business 

Being an Entrepreneur takes a deep trust in yourself and your inner guidance because the road is full of experiences of both expansion and contraction.

I love to help aspiring Healers, Coaches and Practitioners because:

  1. I know you are here to make an imprint on the world with your gifts.

  2. I’ve been where you are and I know how overwhelming and directionless it can seem. 

  3. It’s literally in my Human Design to A) spread unconditional love - and what better way than elevating healers, and B) I have “the money line” which means I’m meant to have the resources and destined to share them to bring you abundance.

I work with clients who are…


  • Struggling with how to niche down and find the right clients.

  • Leading too much with your head and not enough with your heart and soul. 

  • Burning out from wearing all the hats, and doing too much of what drains you.

  • Having “too many” things you’re trying to offer in your business.

  • Prioritizing the to-do list over self-care out of fear and/or guilt and left with little energy.

  • Following someone else’s strategy that isn’t in alignment with you, so you struggle more instead of grow.

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Your soul may be calling you on this path, but what about the business side of things?! 

Most healers are only trained or have experience in the craft of their work, but are never taught how to enter into the market. 

If you know you want the freedom of being an entrepreneur without the restrictions of a traditional job, or to separate yourself from a company that doesn’t align with your values, then this is for you!

Click the button below to get clarity on your next aligned steps to become a magnet to your ideal client and make your purpose work profitable:

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The Prosperous Healer

This 90-day coaching program is designed to bring you clarity, streamline your business processes, optimize your time management, and make informed choices that align with your big vision. 


Weekly 1-hour coaching sessions with Voxer support between sessions include:

  • Clarity with a fresh perspective from a non-judgmental place.

  • Tailored personal and business support for your unique energetic profile using your Human Design Analysis.

  • Take consistent action toward your goals and be held accountable.


I'll empower you to grow your business more efficiently and confidently, saving you time, money, and energy along the way.


When you enroll in The Prosperous Healer, you also get access to these programs for FREE:


Reiki Like a Boss Business Portal ($3,450 value) 

  • 40+ hours of content with helpful soul-aligned Masterclasses with experts in areas including sales, marketing, summits, and money mindset

  • In-depth trainings on how to work with your Human Design and Astrology charts, and how to use Reiki to help your business growth


Activate Your Inner Healer ($485 value)

  • 4-week online course to help you build a strong foundation of spiritual self-care so you are grounded and centered while you are growing your business

  • Deepen your self-trust and connection to your Guides


The value of The Prosperous Healer + the above bonuses is $7,535, and while I am still finishing my ICF (International Coaching Federation) accredited Business Coaching Certification, you can sign up for this program now for only $2,500, or 3 monthly payments of $888. 


If this program sounds like what you need to grow right now, then click the “Apply Here” button below, and you can book a call with me to make sure this is the right fit for you.

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