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When Emotions Get Physical

Your body is so much more than what meets the eye. You have these "invisible" spaces within and around your physical body that hold energy. These energetic bodies essentially create your entire life experience.

To begin, let’s recognize that we (and everything else in the world) are made of energy. From atoms to cells and beyond, this energy is expressed in patterns which take the form of our physical bodies.

The subtle energies are those which we can’t see visually or under a microscope, including the biomagnetic (or auric) field, chakras, and meridians. They contain information that is expressed through our thoughts, emotions and behaviors.


The Human Energy Field

You're probably no stranger to the term "aura", which also goes by other names: biomagnetic field, electromagnetic field, auric field, etc.

This energetic field that surrounds you can actually be measured by modern equipment with a specific type of photograph - see image above.

The layers of the human energy field can be broken down into different layers, each affecting different parts of ourselves. For example, it conveys information about events taking place inside of your body; therefore, vitally linked to your internal health.

Each of the layers work together systematically and affect not only your health, but your complete life experience.

The 4 main fields I work with in an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) session are the:

  • Physical Layer: Extends up to 1 foot from the physical body, tied to somatic sensations, injury, trauma, & disease.

  • Emotional Layer: Extends 1-2 feet from the physical body, tied to feelings and emotions, emotional trauma.

  • Mental Layer: Extends 2-3 feet from the physical body, tied to thoughts, ideas, beliefs; negative and limiting beliefs.

  • Spiritual Layer: Extends 3-5 feet from the physical body, tied to karmic soul lessons, & past-life trauma.


The Physical + Emotional Connection

The physical layer is the 1st layer and emotional layer is the 2nd layer of your bioenergetic field. The physical layer contains the blueprint of all of your physical body. It essentially acts as a conduit between the functions of your physical body and higher functions of your emotional layer.

Think of it as the bridge between your body and your emotions. A healthy body is more resistant to low vibration emotions; therefore, take care of your physical body to help support your emotional well-being.

The relationship between your physical and emotional energy bodies is why you can't bypass your body's foundational needs when you're trying to get to a place of positive (or high vibration) emotions.

The caveat is that when you're unhappy and feel shitty emotionally/mentally, the last thing you're motivated to do is take care of your physical body.

Make it a practice to check in with yourself on a daily basis (or better yet, throughout the day) to figure out what your body needs and is asking for at this time.

You may need to: ✔️ Drink a glass of water

✔️ Eat something that both nourishes and satisfies you

✔️ Take a nap or go to bed early

✔️ Move your body - Research actually shows that if you can get in at least 10 minutes of physical activity you'll experience a significant positive shift in your mood.

Emotions can root down from your energy field and into your physical body. This affects organs, muscles, meridians, chakras, and other aspects of your body.

If not processed and released from your energy field, low vibration emotions (like fear, anger, resentment, depression, etc.) can cause physical pain and dis-ease.

Here are some examples of where emotions can be stored in your body:

  • Anger → Liver and gallbladder

  • Shame → Throat and lungs

  • Fear → Kidneys & hips, lower back

  • Stress → Adrenals and stomach


Bottom line - energy is meant to be released (see article on energetic blockages)! Click below and book an energy healing session to work through your specific issues.


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