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Transforming Followers into Clients: Giana’s Customer Journey for Business Growth

Meet Giana, a passionate yoga and meditation teacher with a dedicated audience across multiple platforms. She recently attended my Launch It Like It's Hot Masterclass to learn how to successfully market her online meditation portal.

In this article I'll walk you through the customer journey I created for Giana to show you how to leverage different touch points and channels to convert leads into clients.

If you've been struggling to sell your offers despite showing up on a consistent basis, or aren't sure where to focus your efforts, this is for you!

Let's dig in!

business growth for yoga and meditation teachers

Leveraging Existing Platforms for Business Growth

Giana offers in-person classes, hosts a podcast, and maintains an active presence on Instagram. Despite having a solid following and valuable offerings, Giana lacked a clear strategy to convert her audience into leads and loyal clients of her online meditation portal.

Together, we developed a strategy that leverages her current activities to create effective pathways for attracting new leads and nurturing existing ones.

Giana was already doing a lot right?! Her in-person classes, engaging podcasts, and consistent Instagram posts have built a community of followers who trust her expertise.

I want to pause for a moment here and acknowledge that anything you've been doing up until this point to connect with your audience is GREAT!

If you're one of those people who has been showing up consistently, then with a few small tweaks will make a world of difference in your ROI.

However, in Giana's case in this situation without a cohesive strategy, her efforts didn't fully translate into business growth. Our goal was to create a plan that aligns with her existing efforts while introducing new elements to drive lead generation and client conversion.

  1. In-Person Classes: Engaging directly with students.

  2. Podcasts: Sharing valuable insights and building authority.

  3. Instagram: Connecting with followers through posts, stories, and live sessions.

Create and Promote Lead Magnets

To capture her audience's interest and gather contact information, I recommend she introduce lead magnets. These are free resources that provide immediate value in exchange potential clients email addresses.

Some ideas for Giana included:

  • Downloadable Meditation: Offers a taste of what's inside her offer.

  • Meditation eBook: A comprehensive guide on meditation techniques for stress relief and finding deeper purpose.

  • 7-Day Email Challenge: A structured program to help people reduce stress and anxiety over the course of a week.

In-Person Classes

  • Offer a card with a QR code linking to a free guided meditation or an online challenge, inviting attendees to join the email list for more resources.


  • Alternate between lead magnets, reference their benefit in the episode, and link the lead magnet form in the show notes.


  • Share the benefits of the lead magnet, how and why it works, create content that appeals to problem- and solution-aware audience members.

These lead magnets are designed to address common pain points her ideal clients are experiencing such as stress, anxiety, and the search for deeper meaning, offering practical solutions that showcase Giana's expertise and builds trust that she can produce results.

Implement Email Sequences

Once we gather email addresses through students in her classes or followers from the podcast or IG, the next step is nurturing these leads through a well-crafted email sequence.

The sequence should include:

  1. Welcome New Subscribers: An introductory email that thanks them for signing up and delivers the promised lead magnet.

  2. Educational Content: A series of emails that provide additional tips and insights on meditation and stress relief.

  3. Engagement Opportunities: Invitations to join live sessions, participate in challenges, or access exclusive content.

  4. Conversion Offers: Strategically placed calls-to-action encouraging them to sign up for classes or purchase other offerings.

Create a Sense of Urgency

Despite the fact that Giana's offer is technically open enrollment, I recommend she incorporate time-sensitive bonuses to drive immediate action in a launch/open-close format such as offering:

  • Limited-Time Discounts: Special pricing on classes or sessions for a short period.

  • Exclusive Free Resources: Bonus materials available only to those who sign up within a certain timeframe.

By highlighting the urgency, potential clients are more likely to act quickly, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

To ensure her audience takes advantage of these offers, I recommend Giana address common objections upfront. Ideally, she would do market research to validate these and add more as they come up.

Common objections she may want to include:

  • Overcoming Time Constraints: Show how her offerings can fit into busy schedules.

  • Emphasizing Value: Highlight the tangible benefits and transformations her services provide.

  • Ensuring Accessibility: Make it clear that her resources are easy to use and accessible to everyone, regardless of experience level.

The Customer Journey

By leveraging where she’s already showing up, creating compelling lead magnets, implementing nurturing email sequences, and introducing a sense of urgency, Giana can now effectively convert her audience into leads and loyal clients.

  1. Pathway 1: Yoga Class Attendee

  • Attends a class → Receives a card with a QR code → Signs up for the lead magnet → Enters email sequence → Converts to online portal subscriber → Upsell to membership.

  1. Pathway 2: Podcast Listener

  • Listens to a podcast → Hears about the lead magnet → Signs up for the lead magnet → Enters email sequence → Converts to online portal subscriber → Upsell to membership.

  1. Pathway 3: Instagram Follower

  • Follows on Instagram → Sees a lead magnet post → Signs up for the lead magnet → Enters email sequence → Converts to online portal subscriber → Upsell to membership.


A strategic pathway not only aligns with your current efforts but also amplifies what you're already doing, driving sustainable business growth.

I also believe in taking into account your individual preferences rather than recommend marketing channels that you feel authentic in.

I have become so obsessed with creating these pathways and helping purpose-driven entrepreneurs get more clarity on their sales and marketing processes that I created a whole program around this! Join the waitlist for Launch Academy now to start transforming your business.

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