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The Power of Self-Awareness

The constant thought reel running through our minds is so consistent (and persistent!), it’s all too easy to become consumed by our thoughts and not truly acknowledge them.

I lived in this state of non-awareness for a lot of my life. I took my thoughts as black and white facts and believed everything that came into my mind.

I never stopped to question my thoughts, their roots, or how they influenced my actions and behaviors.

When we’re in a state of non-awareness, we are susceptible to feeling overwhelmed or stuck, believing limiting narratives, and allowing negative thoughts to influence our actions and behaviors.

Think about it... when we have negative thoughts about ourselves we are more likely to feel pessimistic, shy away from new opportunities, and feel insecure and fearful in our relationships.

On the other hand, when we have positive thoughts about ourselves we are more likely to try new things with confidence, push ourselves outside our comfort zone, and show up fully and authentically in our relationships.

Unfortunately, when left unchecked, our thoughts are often based in the past or future—not the present moment—and more often than not, these thoughts are worrisome, fearful, and negative.

When our thoughts are ruminating about the past or the future, they tend to elicit low vibrational feelings like anxiety, doubt, and dread.

We have the power to stop negative thought patterns and the lower vibrational states that accompany them. We have the power to train our mind into new, more optimistic ways of thinking.

This is the power of our very own self-awareness—a tool everyone can hone and use to change their thoughts, and ultimately change their experience of life.

The power of self-awareness comes from separating ourselves from our thoughts and learning to become an observer.

The power of self-awareness is that we can begin to notice the thoughts that don’t align with our goals and greatest good and begin to practice new thought patterns and ways of thinking.

The power of self-awareness is that we can choose to consciously create our life, rather than allowing our worrisome thoughts to keep us in a lower vibrational state.

Whether you’re just beginning to notice your thoughts, or if you’re a regular observer of your own mind, here are some writing prompts that will help you to hone your self-awareness, recognize the power of your thoughts, and work towards creating change in your life.

Journaling Prompts

  • What is your relationship with your thoughts? If nothing comes to you right away, write about how you don’t know! You might be surprised where that leads you…

  • How do you speak to yourself? Is it with kindness? Compassion? Judgement? Ridicule? Simply observe and try not to judge yourself or your thoughts.

  • Did anything come up in the last question that you feel does not serve you (i.e. judgment, ridicule, etc.)? If so, what type of thoughts would you like to replace them with?

  • Is there a particular behavior or mindset you want to change? If so, think of a recent time when the behavior / mindset you're seeking to change came up in your life. What thoughts went through your mind before? During? After? For example, if you are looking to connect deeper with others and recently noticed yourself being distant and withdrawn when with friends, explore the thoughts leading up to, during, and after this interaction.


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