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The Multidimensional Nature of the Heart

Every February I feel that love wave and always inspired to go deeper into the heart, both physiologically and energetically.

Starting with the physical...

I have a family history of heart disease, diabetes and stroke and personal history of hypertension (stress-induced), heart palpitations (combo of stress + physical dysfunction), and panic attacks has made me hyper-aware of this aspect of my health and behaviors.

Between working as a clinical health coach, exercise physiologist and my degrees (Psychology, Wellness Management, and Kinesiology) I have been collecting evidenced-based tools, like nutrition, movement, and stress management techniques for over a decade.

The heart and cardiovascular system always fascinated me in school, and I even considered cardiac rehab as a career after grad school. It's incredible how one fist-sized organ literally pumps life into the rest of the body.

When we look into the emotional aspect of heart health, we see that things like anxiety and depression significantly connected to heart dysfunction. Thoughts and beliefs that are associated with those lower vibration emotions perpetuate the cycle of dis-ease.

When I began learning Reiki, I was fascinated by how much we energetically carry our feelings and experiences. I learned that I, personally, carry a lot of baggage for others in my heart that I had to learn how to release.

Dozens and dozens of clients have come to me with walls up around their hearts, and we work on opening up to love, forgiveness, and let go of anger. If the heart chakra, which is the energy center that governs the physical heart, is out of balance, blocked, or otherwise dysfunctional, it will eventually manifest into a physical problem (also see Breast Cancer: An Expression of Energy).

The heart chakra, affects pathologies of the chest, shoulders, and lungs of the physical body.

The vibration of this energy center is reduced to an unhealthy state when there are chronic feelings of resentment, anger, grief, longing, pining for contact, and pure fatigue.

When there is heavy energy stuck in your system, also known as energetic blocks, it prevents the flow of healthy energy through your energetic and physical body systems.

In addition to the emotions listed below, over-caring for others combined with the inability (or refusal) to care for and nourish your own needs also contributes to physical issues. Likewise, not feeling like you can trust others, and closing yourself off to love will also contribute to an imbalance of energy.

Not to say you can't or will never experience these emotions -- of course we all will! However, when they are held onto for a sustained period of time these emotions, patterns, and beliefs can manifest into an unhealthy physical state.

Signs of a dysregulated heart center:

  • Feeling resentful and bitter

  • Feeling negative toward self or others

  • Depression

  • Inability to accept love and affection

  • Unresolved grief

  • Disorder of the physical heart, blood, lungs, respiration, immune system

  • Lack of self-love

  • Co-dependency

Signs of a healthy, balanced heart center:

  • Healthy/happy intimate relationships

  • Ability to forgive self and others

  • Feeling happy and light and peaceful

  • Unconditional love and affection

If you've been struggling with any of the above, have that heavy feeling within your chest, or just want to learn new ways to nourish your physical heart (and cardiovascular system), the Nurture Your Heart Masterclass is a great class for you!

We're going to be diving deeper into each dimension of heart health - physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual in this event which will be live, and the recording will be available after.

I know from experience that we can only get so far healing heart blocks on our own, so please reach out for a session if you're struggling!


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