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Make Your Triggers Your Bitch

What if the stuff that pisses you off or causes your emotional pain is actually the Universe doing you a solid?

What if those triggers are actually helping you on your healing journey?

Hear me out...

Let's start with some definitions, then keep reading for 5 steps to take when triggered:

☯️ Contrast: Put very simply, the variation between what feels "good" and what feels "bad".

💥 Trigger: Something that elicits an emotional reaction, usually not a very pleasant emotion.

👥 Shadow work: Unearthing and releasing traumas, limiting beliefs, and other blocks that are standing between you and your Authentic Self.

When something or someone in your experience triggers a negative emotional response, it's actually shedding light onto a part of you that needs healing.

It's through noticing this contrast within your life that allows you to follow the breadcrumbs and figure out what beliefs you're holding that don't serve you, and what deep-rooted fears you have that cause these reactions.

For example: You observe someone else's success, and your immediate reaction is jealousy, maybe even a little hate.

This could be triggering your own lack of self-worth, and fear that you'll never be successful.

When doing shadow work, and some things are quicker to heal than others, for sure, but you will notice the things that used to bother you and piss you off, no longer do. It's freaking awesome!

Once these parts of you have been addressed and worked through, you can meet someone else's success with a neutral feeling, or better yet, even feel joy for that person.

Healing these layers of ourselves are what allow the expansion that were meant to experience.


5 Steps to Take When Triggered:

  1. Recognize what's happening. Accept yourself as powerful instead of as a victim in your situation, and recognize that something has roused some strong feelings in you for a reason.

  2. Focus on your breathing. Often when triggered, your emotions hijack your body and then goes right into fight-or-flight. When this happens, it's hard to process what's happening.

  3. Identify your reaction. Leave judgement and fear at the door -- easier said than done, I know! What is it that you're feeling? Fear? Anger? Sadness? Something else?

  4. Identify the trigger. What made you feel this way? What do you think you lost or what did you not get that you expected or desired to have?

  5. Make a decision. How do you want to feel? How to do you want to respond in this situation?

Remember to stay present, create space to work through your triggers, and most importantly, treat yourself with kindness and compassion along the way.


Feeling triggered and don't know why?

Been there! What actually happens more often than not is you'll feel triggered, know why, but don't know what to do from here or how to get over it.

Don't go it alone! Let's connect for a Complimentary 30-Min Guidance Session. I take 3 per week and they book up quick, so click the button below for yours now:


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