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How to Create & Use an Affirmation

A mantra, or affirmation, can be defined as a “vehicle of the mind.”

At first glance, it is nothing more than a string of words, but these particular words carry a lot of metaphysical weight.

Keep reading to learn how to use affirmations in your meditation practice and steps to create your own to fit your intentions.

Setting an intention

What is the motivation for your meditation practice? This might be wanting to rid of a specific emotion, like anger, guilt, or anxiety. Your intentions have to be clear to be able to create an affirmation.


  • To find peace in my life.

  • To stop worrying all the time.

  • To re-connect with my inner self.

  • To find my life's purpose.

  • To bring in financial security and prosperity.

  • To take care of my baby.

Where are your blocks?

We get deeper about blocks in another article, so for now, simply ask yourself what areas do you need support to create undisturbed calmness in your mind?

Keep it positive

Words have specific frequencies and vibrations. Keep your affirmation positive, so it raises your vibrational frequency instead of either keeping it the same, or even lowering it.

Rather than focusing on what you need LESS of, ask yourself: What positive attitudes, actions or thoughts do you need MORE of?

Now, brainstorm some key words or phrases that you'd like to incorporate. Examples: abundance, peace, prosperity, happiness, truth, grounding, trust, safety, security, content, etc.

Now try some affirmations on for size by adding the key terms in the previous step to one of these phrases:

  • I have...

  • I am...

  • I trust/accept...

  • I am grateful for...

Try it on for size

My Mala Guru, Ekta Jain, created a great criteria to test how well your affirmation fits your intention:

  • Is your mantra easy to remember and is the repetition of the mantra easy or effortless?

  • Does the mantra help you focus your mind and help bring your attention inwards?

  • Does chanting the mantra create the physical sensations, emotions, or state of being that you want?

  • Does your mind feel clear and calm after chanting the mantra?

  • Do you feel energized and awake after chanting your mantra?

Now, how do I use it?

Make your affirmation as visible to you as possible!

You can print it, hang it up, put it on a card on a meditation altar or crystal grid. You can make it the background to your phone.

The key is to repeat it (out loud if possible) and with feeling every day, multiple times per day. Your energetic body will literally begin to expect and absorb the benefits!

I personally love to pair affirmations with journaling, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)/Tapping, and Reiki energy healing self-sessions.

Make sure you're following me on Instagram; I love sharing favorite mantras for things like self-love, balancing chakras, and living in alignment!


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