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Finding My Purpose

It's kind of wild when I look back on my life and really reflect on my path. The way things have aligned (and continue to!) gives me faith that there's a bigger purpose here to what I'm doing in my passion work.

I was recently called on to reflect on my first Akashic Records reading that I had last year with colleague and fellow Holy Fire Reiki Master, Kelly Leaning. It's no surprise that what had come up during that powerful session were all things I needed to hear right in that moment.

I had met Kelly through a mastermind program (thanks, @jaymerosegray!) and immediately felt connected to her loving energy. I wasn't totally sure what I needed at the time of the session, but I was curious about what insight I could get from the experience.

I wanted to access the energy of my business, and receive guidance and direction on my path. If you're also an entrepreneur, you know how easy it is to question yourself! Kelly validated what I had intuitively been feeling for years: my energy field is growing and preparing to hold space for a lot of people (like millions).

She could sense I was afraid that a new program I was working on at the time (Reiki Like a Mother) wouldn't be "successful", and assured me just how big and impactful my work would be.

She made me feel ok with taking all the time I need for self-care because I needed to energetically prepare myself for the big things to come.

I still reflect back on this message and when I'm being called to rest, I do my best to listen.

Kelly had connected to my Guides immediately and validated what I was feeling intuitively about this new direction I needed to take, and where to focus my energy.

What I wasn't prepared for was finding the massive block I was holding in my heart.

Let me tell you something, healing happened within that space beyond what I ever could have imagined.

I knew I was blocked -- I mean, blocks will always come and go, such is life -- but I had no idea the heavy energy I was carrying in my heart since childhood. I've actually been carrying it longer than that, but that's a story for another day.

During my Akashic Records reading when we hit this core block, I felt cracked open. I cried, like a lot. I'm even crying a little right now just thinking about how vulnerable I was in that moment.

I'm used to being the one holding space for others to cry, release and heal. I realized in that moment how badly I needed to be seen.

I was, and still am, so incredibly grateful for Kelly for holding that space for me.

This has been a recurring theme on my healing journey...

Allow yourself to be mothered.

I hadn't really realized it before, but my ability to Mother (both as a creator and a nurturer) is a part of my gift. It is a part of how I can come alongside my clients and help them Mother themselves.

Just this morning I had a client who just started working with me again since 2019 experience a deep release.

Not only is she a super stressed healthcare worker, but she also lost her mother last year which has been devastating. She began telling me how she feels when she is with me during her sessions. She allowed herself to feel it as she described it, and she began to cry. And this tough as nails Portuguese woman does NOT cry.

She told me that she feels at peace, she feels understood and accepted, she feels more confident, and she feels loved.

As she was speaking these words to me, I immediately came back to the energy that came through in the Akashic Records session.

This is why I'm here. This is what I do. This is how I help the world.

If you feel like you need to be Mothered, if you need someone to hold space for you so you can properly lose your sh*t in a safe way, and truly release and move on, then I would be honored to do that for you 💖.

Reach out and send me a message, or you can book something right now by clicking here.


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