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Developing Your Intuition

There’s a reason people meditate. Actually, there seem to be endless reasons why people meditate. Quieting the mind and finding your center actually helps you bring that higher vibrational energy down to physical form.

You have to CONNECT to your truth in order to LIVE your truth. When you connect to your intuition, you empower yourself to take the actions you need to on your path of healing and thriving.

Research has shown that long-time and experienced meditators have a strong connection to their intuition and this is enhanced immediately following time in meditation. As we explore this month’s theme of Living with Purpose, let's look at how you connect to this inner guidance.

If you’re anything like me, you might struggle to get out of your own way at times by over-thinking or taking too much on and leaving little time for yourself. Here are some quick and simple tools you can use to turn inward:

1. Mindfulness meditation is a simple tool that can help you to relax by calming your nervous system and open up to the insights of that moment without judgment. If you're new to meditation, begin by practicing daily for 1-2 minutes at a time.

2. Use affirmations to enhance your intuition. Try repeating these out loud or silently to yourself:

I open myself to accept my intuition and wisdom.

I trust and follow my inner guidance.

I use intelligence and intuition to see clearly.

3. Open your heart space energy. Look around you to re-discover the things within your immediate environment that please you. Acknowledge these things and awaken your appreciation for the life you live.

4. Ask yourself the question. If there is something in particular you are seeking clarity on and want guidance with, check in with yourself. It may take practice to learn to trust the answer you get and it may not always be the answer you want, but follow through and see where it leads you.

5. Reiki energy therapy. Tapping into spiritually guided life force energy with Reiki is a great way to develop intuition, connect to your source of truth, and empower you to take action. You can learn Reiki and practice on your self, take a class, or in a private session (yes, virtual is an option).

Most important -- be patient with yourself! Developing your intuition and connecting to your Divine Self is a beautiful experience, and is not something else you need to stress over.

Drop your insights and comments below. Love and light, friends!


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